Production Agency Office

made with 7Gods UK

Stink Digital is a production company based in Clerkenwell, London. There was a need to  create storage and bring warmth to the studio. We used Birch boxes to create storage placing them in the random order, adding the bespoke pendant lampshades throughout the office. We made a model to play around with the sizes and depths of the boxes. The initial design was using the birch boxes along the walls and ceiling, but then had to be modify as it will be a bit too heavy. From that we jump into the pendant lights to give a lighter environment. For the toilet area and entrance to the office we went for a different kind of design, but keeping the birch approach.

My collaboration with 7Gods UK : Concept development, Space planning, 3D model making, Lighting construction


stink 1.jpg
stink 6.jpg
Greenleaf 2nd Shoot (WEB)26.jpg
stink 5.jpg

Photos By 7Gods

new Lighting design.jpg
Ceiling plan (2).jpg

Plans & Elevations