Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

made with 7Gods UK

The Green Leaf restaurant is located in Holborn, Central London. We redesigned the two floors space into contemporary Chinese restaurant and karaoke bar. First thing noticed, are the bespoke kinetic lampshades in flower shape, opening and closing, main attracting point from the outside. The restaurant floor upstairs is  white and grey and the design consists of high gloss finish, combine with few natural trees around. The downstairs floor has two karaoke rooms, both in high gloss black finish. For the acoustic issues we decided to go for padded wall, which will absorb lot of the noise from the karaoke rooms using some typical Chinese silks, and upstairs creating a circle pattern made out of felt.

My collaboration with 7Gods UK : Site Survey, Concept development, Space planning, AutoCAD plans, Bespoke furniture design, Source materials

Greenleaf 2nd Shoot (WEB)052.jpg
Greenleaf 2nd Shoot (WEB)11.jpg
Greenleaf 7.jpg
Greenleaf 9.jpg
Greenleaf 6.jpg
Greenleaf 2.jpg
Greenleaf 4.jpg
Greenleaf 2nd Shoot52.jpg
Greenleaf 5.jpg
Greenleaf 2nd Shoot (WEB)40.jpg

Photos by 7Gods

Kinetic Light Cecil by 7Gods Lighting

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 5.03.23 PM.png

Rendered elevations


Floor plans in Autocad


 Bar details in AutoCAD & sketch up model